April 2023 archive

3D Shota Art by Kitfoxy Vol. 15

New and very hot yaoi shota 3D hentai image set with horny shota boys posing in sexy undies and they love to pose naked and show their stiffy cocks and tight butts. Mostly softcore scenes with some hot sex scenes too, enjoy!  Notice: some of this images are very quality (up to 3000×2250). Warnings: bondage, …

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Dice of Delight

Continuation of this hot and passionate story about cute and horny babysitter boy who love to fuck little boys so much! But today he wants to play some special naughty games with his boys!😉 Type: 3D images | Artist: Ipkojihugy | 54 pics (jpeg)

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Yaoi Shota 3D Art by Spawner Vol. 3

New and very hot yaoi shotacon 3D hentai set. Cute boys posing naked and showing their stiffy boners, masturbating and showing their tight ass holes, enjoy! Type: 3D images, videos | Artist: Spawner | 66 pics (jpeg), 3 videos (mp4)

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Barbotage’s Collection Vol. 5

New and very hot yaoi shota 3D hentai image set with cute horny shota boys posing in sexy undies and naked, tied up boys, boys wearing latex clothes and boys playing with various sex toys. All bondage/BDSM scenes are softcore without any violence. Enjoy! Type: 3D images | Artist: Barbotage | 100 pics (jpeg)

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Yaoi Shota 3D Pack by Balloons Vol. 16

New and very hot yaoi shotacon 3D hentai pack. Contains short comic stories and misc renders. Horny shota boys having fun with each other, hard fucking and making amazing gay orgies together. Quality images full of hot gay boy sex, love and passion! Type: 3D images | Artist: Balloons | 59 pics (jpeg)

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Training before the Match

Three cute boys are having fun with coach before the football match! And the coach always loves to promote new students in his school team! 😉 Type: 3D images | Artist: Melancholic | 35 pics (jpg)

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Digi-Boy’s Hentai Collection

New and very hot yaoi shota 3D hentai image set. Mostly contains buffed boys (hot muscled shota boys) having fun with each other or posing naked and showing their perfect young bodies, enjoy! Type: 3D images | Artist: Digi-Boy | 52 pics (jpeg)

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La Plagette Chapter 2

The other chapters can be found here. New and very hot yaoi shota 3D comix about two horny shota boys who decided to play a little on the beach, these two got really horny so they even didn’t care about that someone could see them… Enjoy! Type: 3D comix | Artist: TitiBL | 19 pics …

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Johan’s 3D Yaoi Shotacon Art Vol.11: Taking Care of my Little Bro

When the love bonds between brothers are so strong, they are both very happy to take care of each other! Even in exploring each others sexuality! 😉 Warnings: forced to sex, rape, humiliation, boydom (in some scenes). Type: 3D images | Artist: Johan | 87 pics (jpeg)

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Sucky Lake Vol.1

It was a very hot great summer for little Joey, when he met up with tween boy at the lake, where he usually liked to come in the evenings. And now his life is getting better and better, because this summer he will know all the joys of sweet gay sex! 😉 Type: 3D comix …

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Preteen Boys Paradise Vol. 20

“Preteen Boys Paradise” is a new yaoi shotacon 3D hentai image set which contains the most quality and realistic images ever made. Horny little shota boys love to posing in sexy underwear and naked and show their perfect young bodies, stiffy cocks and tight butts and they love fucking with their friends, brothers, dads, uncles, …

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A Spy’s Interrogation

New hardcore yaoi shota 3D comix from Insomniac! The story is about a hot spy boy who got captured, hard spanked and tortured. Warnings: light torture, humiliation, hard spanking. Enjoy! Type: 3D comix | Artist: Insomniac | 50 pics (jpeg)

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🔥LLBeanie’s Yaoi Shota 3D Pack Vol. 27

New and very hot yaoi shotakon 3D hentai image set by very talented artist LLBeanie. Horny teen and preteen boys love to showing us their perfect slim bodies, nice juicy boners and tight assholes and they sure love to fuck with each other, their classmates, dads, uncles and older friends. Ultra quality and detailed renders, …

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RD’s Misc Renders

This great hentai shota collection contains unfinished projects and various renders with extremely cute sexy boys from famous artist! 😉 Type: 3D comix | Artist: Red Dove (PJRD) | 48 pics (jpeg)

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That Little Roar of Yours

New and very hot yaoi shota 3D hentai comix from Insomniac! That Little Roar of Yours is a short Uncle/nephew story covering a weekend at uncle Oscar. Enjoy! Type: 3D comix | Artist: Insomniac | 17 pics (jpeg)

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